In The Beginning  

It’s all Arthur's fault.
Well, Arthur and a global pandemic, I guess. 



I got a text from my old friend Art, a drummer, asking if I would be willing to download an app on my iphone and record some vocals on a track one of his friends had created. Art also shared his frustrations around “Shelter-In-Place” and the end of live performing and maybe artistic work for musicians during this pandemic.

I felt exactly the same way.


We make music because its how we move in this world- it's our air, our water, our nourishment. Without "in-person" connections to other musicians it was time to get creative about how we were going stay creative. So of course I agreed to download and sing before I’d even head the track. I was just excited to make music again but when I heard the track – I was blown away.

Who had made this music?

Tobias meet Cristian. 

Cristian meet Tobias.


Again, it was another text (this time between Cristian and I) that kept the ball rolling, and after that first collaboration on that first song (Pearl) resulted in magic, we began emailing back and forth about continuing our collaboration and seeing if there might be any more musical chemistry. It was only then that I became fully aware that while I was writing in Oakland, California, Cristian was in Mexico. We’d actually figured out, with the help of technology of course, how to make music remotely. And so began a goal of writing 21 songs in 21 weeks.


With its roots in alt rock indie pop , and blends the best of 90's rock nostalgia frosted with some 80's flare and an eye to the future, our duo now has a name and a first effort. And so, Faint On Call brings you the debut demo– Swoon

In addition to our current demo we’ve also birthed a commitment to each other formed over long phone calls, frequent texts and hard work. As it turns out, this pandemic wasn’t the end of my musical life. It was the beginging of a new one. 

-Tobias Hawkins


Tobias Hawkins smashed and pounded his way through the San Francisco/Eastbay music scene as a drummer with his unorthodox  percussive drumming style.  His unique percussive sound eventually made him a sought after talent in the indie alt music scene. But only in the last two decades  he found his true artistic home in the lead vocalist/lyricists-front-man role. With his captivating sound and magnetic stage presence Hawkins weaves tales of lust, madness, broken hearts and the surreal through his beautifully raspy melodic range.  It is this unusual blend of sound and story that has elevated Hawkins work to the musically sublime. Hawkins has brought his "hook's galore",  plus well structured alt rock pop songs playing live and in recordings with musical talents such as: 


The Red Sails

Satya Sena

Black Balloon

The Girlfriend Experience

Slingshot Venus

Laundry with Tim Alexander of Primus

Sordid Humor 

The Counting Crows


CRISTIAN HERNANDEZ studied bass guitar from 1996-98 at the Musicians Institute, Hollywood California, and Audio Engineering at the Arts Institute, Vancouver BC Canada. He found success with the band ONESIDEZERO, which was signed by Maverick Records in 2001. He has played for, produced and recorded a number of acts in Los Angeles and San Francisco California, including Felsen and Annie Bacon. He has worked with producers such as Ulrich Wild and David Bottrill. His current body of work is based in Rock with  jazz and prog influences.